Thanks so much for wanting to help this project, there two really easy ways to donate:

  1. If you’re a UK tax payer the best way to donate is via the multiply website – please remember to “giftaid it” so we can reclaim tax on your donation.
  2. Alternatively you can give via PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account to do this – just enter your amount and click the “continue” link in the bottom left of the page (it looks like image below):Pay Fast With PayPal PayPal

How Much Do We Need and What for?

  • Stock, packaging materials and other consumables – £2000
  • Scales containers and other storage equipment – £1500
  • Laptop computer – £500
  • Market stall rent and associated costs – £500
  • Cargo motor tricycle for transportation and delivery – £2500
  • Flour grinding mill – £4000

Total: £11,000

What is Multiply?

69ea139b38ad14100156fe0572e5f508Multiply Christian Network is a network of independent charismatic churches and groups, initiated by the Jesus Fellowship (Jesus Army).