About Us

Ed and Judith Hunt – the UK team

Ed and Judith Hunt

Judith and I live in Bugbrooke, Northampton, as part of the New Creation Christian Community, an intentional “all things in common” community, part of the Jesus Fellowship Church, of which we’ve been members since 1974. We have 5 grown-up children, Judith is a retired GP, and I am a semi retired director of a number of the businesses associated with the New Creation Christian Community.

I became a Christian during my time at Manchester University, which is where I met Judith. Judith was brought up in a Christian home, and found faith as a child which she never lost.

We have spent our adult lives seeking to care for others and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Recently I have become more involved in Multiply, a relationship network of UK and overseas leaders founded by the Jesus Fellowship Church. We met Rukundo through his membership of the Multiply Network. We have been moved by the challenging circumstances of his small community and church, and wish to bring some help and business expertise to assist their difficult circumstances.

Rukundo and Erika Barthelemy – The Rwanda team

Rukundo (in white shirt), Erika (on right) and some of their children and extended household

Rukundo and Erika live in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, with their 6 children and an extended household of 7 other men and women from their 20s to their 50s. It is a Christian Community they call the New Humanity Mission.

Rukundo is the pastor of The Disciples of Jesus Christ, a small but thriving church In Kigali Rwanda. Erika oversees the household domestic arrangements and the care of the children.