Rwanda 2015 day 14, Sunday 11 October 2015 – Church.

The rain doesn't dampen the worship
The rain doesn’t dampen the worship

Rwanda 2015 day 14, Sunday 11 October 2015 – Church.    

Sunday’s here are good. The morning is all seriously chilled and we certainly need it. It has been full on all week. I spend the morning blogging and doing some budgets for the various business possibilities. Judith helps out with the preparation for lunch. Lunch is called at 12:30 PM.

I check with Rukundo about his plans for the afternoon church meeting as by this time I’ve got the idea that I’m going to be put on the spot again. However he doesn’t seem to have anything too alarming planned. Basically more questions and answers.

I ask about the radio after church. Ah yes! Of course we will be doing the radio after church and this time Judith can come as well please. Judith doesn’t look very impressed.

We get another hour to ourselves and then go downstairs to patiently wait transport for church around 3 PM. There is rain today and it is certainly needed but it has made the roads rather muddy. As a result the congregation at church when we get there is a bit thin. This week I know quite a few people and managed to remember most names with a little help from Judith so we have some good warm greetings although conversation as usual is rather limited by the language barrier.

The rain doesn’t seem to dampen their worship however. The rain has stopped by the time Rukundo introduces us again and there is a reasonable crowd.

These guys are getting used to us and are getting bolder with their questions. It’s really very good indeed. I even get inspired to share a bit that the Lord put on my heart for them.

This is likely to be the last time some of the congregation see us so prayers and farewells are a bit emotional and take time. It’s all very moving.

Church normally finishes by about 6 but it’s now 6:30 PM and Deo is looking uncharacteristically agitated. He gently takes my arm and propels me out of the door explaining that we need to get to the radio station very soon. Rukundo and Judith follow. Fortunately it’s only a 20 minute drive so we arrive in good time, well just about enough to get settled into our seats in the studio, and Rukundo launches into his introductory patter not that we can understand a word of it of course.

Rukundo launches into his introductory patter
Rukundo launches into his introductory patter

He introduces both Judith and I and we share the answers to the questions. He seems well pleased and only just manages to finish before his time runs out.

Judith live on air
Judith live on radio

Tonight supper is at Evelyn’s, Erika’s younger sister, who lives just a few hundred yards away from Rukundo’s.

Evelyn works in a bank and the home is reasonable by Kigali standards  although relatively small.   The welcome of course very warm and the hospitality excellent.  Erika is there already with Samuel whose great friends with Evelyn’s son.

Evelyn's for supper
Evelyn’s for supper

As ever it’s a great time and Evelyn is enormously honoured that we have come to her home.  How humbling.

Back home we agree that tomorrow we must really focus on what business projects we will prioritise. We’ve also promised Emanuel from Metal Works Solutions that we will confirm the order and pay the deposit. Rukundo however says he has had a prompting to revisit the alternative mill supplier called “Orange Machinery” before finally confirming the order with Metal Works. This is getting tricky.

Enough for one day.


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